• Manufacturer: Suzuki
  • Model: RM-Z450
  • Year: 2024
  • Type: Competition
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price: $12,725


Suzuki RM-Z450

The RM-Z450 has stronger brakes for better stopping power, a wider spread of engine muscle with higher peak power and a chassis that is stronger, lighter and more nible to raise the standard for cornering performance.

  • Engine : 449cc, 4-stroke, 1 cylinder
  • Fuel injection
  • Traction management system
  • 5-speed transmission
  • Fully adjustable Showa Balance Free Rear Cushion (BFRC) shock
  • Showa coil spring front fork
  • Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC)

  • Engine 
    •  Improved throttle response with higher peak power
    • Evolved traction management system helps the bike hook up
    • Updated Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) gets you out front
  • Cornering
    •  New frame and swingarm are lighter with excellent strength
    • Refined Chassis dimension blend nimble handling with stability
    • Improved Coil-spring fork provides great performance and easy tuning
    • New Showa BFRC Rear Shock Delivers remarkable damping response
    • Bridgestone X30 tires bring outstanding grip
  • Braking
    • Larger front brake increase stopping power and feel
    • New, compact rear master cylinder is out of the way of mud and boots
  • Functional styling
    •  Aggressive new styling blends function with suzuki character
    • Narrow cockpit lets rider move with ease for maximum racing performance

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